Dolls So Realistic You’ll Want Another Baby!

Unless you’ve been cutting down on your Instagram scrolling time, you’ve certainly seen these gorgeous Paola Reina dolls popping up in your feed. Us too! These beautiful dolls are so realistic you may do a double-take when you see them. But best of all? Finally, here’s a doll company that’s celebrating many kinds of beauty - curly and straight hair, dark and light skin, boys and girls. They are still expanding their range and we’re excited to carry a wide selection of these gorgeous dolls. We’re committed to finding as many options as we can to help your little one can find a doll just right for them.

Made in Spain by expert doll makers, these vanilla-scented dolls stand apart from the pack with the extreme level of detail added to each doll’s features. The eyes are so realistic and nuanced - we’ve never seen anything like it in a doll. And the hair! Goodness the hair. If I had hair like these guys and gals, I’d never stop playing with it. From piercing eyes to a cheeky spray of freckles - one of these dolls is bound to make your kiddo’s heart swoon and awaken that nurturing instinct.

Paola Reina makes the adorable dolls, and then Minikane designs and creates exclusive clothing in France to dress them up in. And wowzers, the clothing is seriously stunning. Embroidered, richly coloured rompers. Detailed dresses. Over the top adorable overalls. The cutest hair accessories ever. The list goes on! Clothing comes and goes so if you see an outfit you love, snap it up before it sells out. Will you be jealous of your kid’s doll’s wardrobe? Yep, you definitely will be. Fashion goals!!

So these dolls are the result of a beautiful partnership between two companies (Paola Reina and Minikane) in neighbouring countries (Spain and France) to produce beautifully dressed, realistic dolls that are just awesome and celebrate all kinds of beauty. We carry two series of their dolls.


1. Gordis Range:

These anatomically correct dolls come au natural in their birthday suits, but a pair of simple underwear can be purchased separately or of course, a whole range of clothing. It’s up to you! There are dolls with hair and newborn dolls without hair.

2. Amigas Range:

These beautiful older girls are just gorgeous. These are not anatomically correct, and come dressed in a dress, undies and black shoes. There is additional clothing available separately if you want to expand their wardrobes. These gals are everyone’s dream big sister or best friend. We have more friends in this range on their way!

Dolls are an incredible tool to develop important life skills:

  • emotional intelligence with nurturing play - kids love to rock their babies to sleep or make them lunch

  • creativity with imaginative, open-ended play - tea party anyone?

  • manual dexterity by dressing the dolls, wrapping them in a blanket or feeding them.

We think dolls are a toy box essential since they develop multiple important life skills.

Tyler Quantz
Tagged: dolls