Want to bring more magic and dreamy imagination to your child's play? Then you should know all about Maileg - hands down one of our favourite toymakers. Their sweet and whimsical toys create an irrepressible feeling of pure happiness.

But many people get confused with the variety of sizes on offer, so we’re going to break down the sizing for the most popular of the Maileg toys - the mouse collection.

The mice come in four sizes: baby or MY sized, little sister/brother, big brother/sister, and mum/dad. Look at them all! Arean’t they adorable?

Baby, Little Sister and Little Brother Mice

In general, the baby mice work great with “my” or “mouse” sized accessories (like this high chair, this playpen and baby sitter chair or this bed in the photos below).

Little brothers and sisters work well in the “mice” sized beds too. They tuck in beautifully under these cozy blankets. They can even share with a MY sized baby mouse if they’re feeling particularly cuddly.

Big Sister, Big Brother and Mum and Dad Mice

Big sisters and brothers can technically squeeze into a mouse bed, but it’s seriously tight. Here are some photos to make it super clear how all the kid mice look in the mouse sized bed. You can see the big sister mouse is pretty squished in the mouse bed.  

Big sister and brother mice will have more room in the “micro” sized bed. The micro bed is also the perfect fit for the mum and dad mice. Here’s how they look in the micro bed:

Or mix and match and have a big family bed for all the little mice in your family!!

And other “micro” sized accessories are wonderful for the big sisters and brothers or the mum and dad mice. Our favourites are the micro tea table and gold vintage chairs.

Mini or Miniature Sized Furniture

But, wait! What about all the Maileg furniture and accessories labeled “mini” sized? This is where customers get most confused. These are generally a bit oversized for mice, but often in a super adorable way - but you should definitely know they’ll seem a bit big if you’re looking for an accurate scale. The “mini” size was originally intended for the size 1 bunnies and rabbits, which are bigger than the mum and dad mice.

But Maileg mouse collectors have firmly adopted the “mini” size for their mice, particularly the Mum and Dad size because it usually looks adorable! We love bigger mice (like mum and dad) with mini accessories.

Here are a few “mini” sized accessories with mum or dad and big brother or sister mice to illustrate how they look. Pictured below are the mini kitchen, mini fridge (comes in mint or white), mini washing machine, mini table with two chairs, mini wagon (comes in blue or rose) and the mini lamp (comes in mint, dark mint and black).

So, you can see that the “mini” size can be a great fit for the bigger mice since “a bit big” feels just right when you’re talking about life as a mouse!

And to give you a sense of how micro looks next to mini, the below photo shows a mum mouse in a micro golden chair and micro tea table on the top floor. On the bottom floor is a mini sized fridge in mint with a dad mouse and the mini dining table and chairs with a big brother hiking mouse (as well as the adorable for every mouse tea and biscuits set). Other items in this photo are the Mum and Dad in Cigar box, and the Miniature Grocery Box.

Hope this helps! If you have any particular sizing questions, feel free to reach out to info@dillydallykids and we’ll do our best to clear up any confusion.

Tyler Quantz