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No more shoving toys under the bed when company's coming - you'll LOVE bringing these gorgeous toys into your home and having them out for all to see. We know which toys are worth your time - we have over a decade of experience with wooden and creative toys to share with you.

We've done the research. We've got the goods. Learn more about Dilly Dally

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Toys That Matter

Nourish your child's heart and mind with well chosen toys. Explore our collections to find toys that build on 4 essential life skills - Creativity, Emotional Intelligence, Critical Thinking & Grit.

These skills will help your kiddo live a happier, healthier life and become the kind of person who smashes their goals like a champ.

Elevate your family's play time to a nurturing and educational time of connection that's chock full of magical moments. Childhood is short, but lessons learned now build your kid's future.

Toys are a child's tools. Choose wisely.

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These are the toys we believe to be essential members of your family's toy box.


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What customers are saying
My favourite store to order from. They ship so fast and the packages are always prepared with so much care !
— Tiph09
This store is the best. The staff was very professional and extremely knowledgeable. I would highly recommend this store and will return when I need something in the future.
— Craig F.
This is my favourite children's store. Lovely service and wonderful quality selection of gifts.
— Jess N.
Top notch customer service. I made an error in my shipping and Dilly Dally was extremely helpful. Highly recommend supporting this shop.
— Katherine T.
Simple online ordering process and incredibly affordable and fast shipping - Thanks so much!
— Sarah S.
Absolutely love this shop! Their customer service is incredible and they carry such a fun variety of quality toys & kids items.
— Faron M.
I do not even have kids and I cannot express how much I love this store. It really focuses on wooden toys for kids instead of all the plastic you find everywhere else. You know anyone with a kid? This is the place.
— Monika J.
I have placed a couple of online orders and have been so pleased each time with the beautiful selection offered, the quick shipment and the careful packaging.
— Allison T.
What an excellent toy store! You can’t go wrong at Dilly Dally. We always leave with fabulous gifts for the family. The staff are knowledgeable, cheery, and super helpful.
— John P.

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Our best selling toy of all time is the Grimms Wooden Rainbow. Learn about adding on with boards,semi circles and more to create a magical rainbow world

Guide to Small World Play

Small world play is straight up awesome and kids love it! Let’s find out all about small world play: what it is, how it benefits your child, and what toys are useful for it.

Maileg Sizing Guide

Maileg's toys create an irrepressible feeling of pure happiness. With the variety of sizes, many people get confused so we’re going to break down the sizing for the mouse collection.