Welcome to Dilly Dally!

We are an independent family run toy store in Vancouver, Canada.

We love toys that love kids.

Toys that inspire exploration, thrilling adventures and tall tales. Toys that kids will cherish and remember fondly when they’re all grown up. Toys that will help them grow up a little more slowly and a little more fully.

We love toys that help kids spread their roots deeply and stretch their minds far and wide.

We love toys with soul.

So much of the world tells our kids to grow up. Fast! Quick! Double time!

We say slow down and take your time. Build a castle. Read a book under a tree. Have a hippo join you for dinner or play pirates with a baboon.

Dilly dally.

Life is a sweet meandering journey but not without its tricky bits. We need to build enough magic in our childhoods to take us through life buoyantly.

We stock toys that stoke children’s natural creativity, curiosity and nurturing. Toys that encourage age appropriate development and open little ones' eyes to the beauty of our natural world.

We’ve realized these kinds of toys and books can have a magical effect on childhood. Indeed, they can even work some magic on us grown ups.

We are a family business. We think a lot about how we want our son to grow up, and this informs all we do at Dilly Dally.

 Kids love their toys. Choose toys that love them back!

Have a look at what others have to say about us:

"This place is magical." Sara, YELP

This shop encourages letting kids’ imaginations run wild with their toys. They carry a huge selection of wooden figures perfect for inspiring creativity, great house play pieces (stoves, dressers, tea sets), dress-up costumes and a wall of stuffed animals. They also have an art area set up with chairs and crayons for kids to let out their inner artisan while parents peruse.Today’s Parent (who named us one of the best toy stores in BC). 

"When it comes to anything kids this place will always have you covered for something memorable, unique and of course, very well made." Vancouver Mom

“Not only is this place every child's dream, but also every adult who's a kid at heart!” Reena, YELP

“I love this joint - it's frankly the best kids store in town” Chaska, Yelp

"Dilly Dally will make you wish you were a kid again and certainly make you glad you’ve got kids and a good excuse to frequent the store." Yoyomama

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