Want to bring more magic and dreamy imagination to your child's play? Then you should know all about Maileg - hands down one of our favourite toymakers. Their sweet and whimsical toys create an irrepressible feeling of pure happiness.

If you've been to our store, you know we choose toy makers that actually care about making a kid's childhood better in some way. The toys on our shelves need to inspire, teach a skill or create some magic that will spur imaginative, creative thinking now and in the future.

Maileg fits the bill for so many reasons. Here's why you should fall in love with Maileg as hard as we have.

1. Maileg revives classic play values

It's a busy world - lots of lights, noises and flashy gadgets competing for (and diluting) our attention and focus. Bring storybook whimsy to everyday moments with your child with toys designed specifically to help children explore the pure and simple joy of imagination.

The world of Maileg is a dream filled world - a place where matchboxes are tiny beds for tiny mice, you can take tea with a princess and cats and mice are the best of friends.

2. Impeccable details bring them to life

Adorable, heartwarming personalities come to life because of all the hard work Maileg's design team puts into each and every toy they create. Details like hand sewn eyes, a jaunty cap or carefully designed clothing make these toys unique and memorable. And the patterns! Fanciful polka dots, gentle florals and pops of happy colours. It’s the level of detail that makes these toys feel special and unique.

3. They encourage nurturing and empathy

The role of emotional intelligence in the happiness of kids (and adults) is an important one. The ability to love and care for others is a huge predictor of happiness in life and relationships. We all want our children to be part of loving, nurturing relationships.

Toys like Maileg help kids develop those important skills. Kiddos help take care of their small toy friends - feeding them, dressing them, putting them to bed. Have a peek at our post about why your kid should play with stuffies and dolls for more info.

4. Kids of all ages find them super dreamy. 

Kiddo's from the toddling years all the way up to freshly minted teenagers are in love with our Maileg section at the store. There aren't many toys that can bridge multiple age groups, but these definitely do.

There are several regulars who are building their older kid's collection of Maileg over time and it's a top destination for our customers aged 7, 8, 9, 10 years and beyond to spend their hard earned piggy bank savings. I'd say along with Jellycat stuffed animals, Maileg appeals to one of the widest age ranges in the whole shop.

That long window of interest means awesome value for the parent. Who doesn't want to invest in toys that will actually keep their kiddo's interest for years to come?

5. Adults want to play with them too

These sweet toys are so awesome, even grown ups want to play with them! And do you want to take a guess who the best playmate ever is for a kid? That's right. You! Often parents sheepishly admit to me that they buy Maileg as much for them as they do for their child, because it makes sitting on the floor and playing together much more enjoyable.

We say “That’s AMAZING!”. Don’t be sheepish about it! It’s fantastic to find a toy that sparks that magic in you as an adult, and playing enthusiastically with your kids is straight up awesome for you and for them.

Kids want to share their play world with their parents more than anything, and there is so much learning and relationship building to be done when a parent and a child play together. So choose toys you'll want to play with as well and watch the magic unfold.  

Shop the Maileg collection here.

Tyler Quantz