Year in and year out, Maileg’s matchbox mice are a customer favourite. And who can blame them? These are adorable little all-in-one playsets perfect for spurring imaginative play.

Each comes in a delightful matchbox bed. Slide open the box to reveal an impossibly cute little mouse with a beautifully designed outfit and a full set of bedding (mattress, blanket and pillow). Play the day away and then tuck your tuckered out mouse into bed for a good night’s rest. Perhaps putting the mice to bed could be the perfect addition to your own little one’s bedtime routine.

Maileg releases new designs and retires others each and every year. So if you see one you love don’t wait on it too long - every year we get tonnes of messages from people hoping to buy a matchbox mouse they’ve wanted for rages, only to find it is permanently sold out.

One caveat! These matchboxes are made with a sturdy cardboard. This means that they won’t stand up to excessively rough play like throwing or standing / jumping on them. We don’t recommend these for kids who aren’t ready to be at least a little gentle with their playthings.

Tyler Quantz