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Why your kid should play with blocks

If I had to pick one toy to be in every kids toy box, building blocks is it. It's my no question about it desert island toy for raising a bright, creative, problem solving kid. Whether you dream of your child becoming a wildly imaginative artist or a highly organized engineer, blocks should be on your must get list. 

What do your kids get out of playing with blocks? Here are 3 MAJOR benefits.

1. Problem solving and critical thinking skills. 

Kids practice solving problems when they figure out how to stabilize towers or figure out how to build what they're imagining. This is off the charts exercise for the brain and awesome groundwork for more complex critical thinking as they get older. Critical thinking skills means being able to think independently, reason well and solve problems. Obviously, it's super important for success in school and most professions, but it's also important for being able to think freely about the thousands of pieces of information and advertisements thrown at us everyday. Read more about Critical Thinking Skills including easy free things you can do to encourage them in your kids. 

2. Creativity and imagination.

Blocks encourage endless creativity. They're like playdough or clay - you give them to kids and they just play with them intuitively. They'll muck about with them, build little structures, make enclosures for farm animals or construct castles - blocks are just such a creative toy. 


3. Patience, perseverance and grit. 

Kiddos need to try, try and try again to make their vision come alive. Towers collapse. Castles are harder to build than you first thought. Working through the challenges that come up as you try to build your creation builds patience and grit. Grit is like a muscle - the more you work it the stronger it gets. You need grit to achieve basically any goal in life so it's such a useful skill to practice with our kids. Some think it's the most important factor for success. Who cares if you're bright and creative if you give up the second things get tricky?

So yeah. Blocks rule :) See the full collection


Here are a few of our favourite block sets: 

1. Wooden Story blocks. These are the blocks in the first images. Subtle colours make these beautiful blocks feel modern and timeless at the same time. 

2. Grimm's Wooden Toys blocks. We've loved these blocks since our store open its doors 8 years ago. The bright, vibrant colours of these blocks invite play and creativity like nothing else. 

3. Tree Blocks. We just love these woodsy, earthy blocks for making little forest dwellings for our animal figures at home. 

4. Haba building blocks. These are the natural wooden blocks in the photo above with our son. These are a much larger scale than the other block sets we have at home, so we can build exciting tall structures quickly and with more stability. 

5. Grimm's wooden rainbows. Ok, not a block set, but an amazing construction toy and such a great complement to regular building blocks. 

6. Haba My First Blocks or Fantastack blocks  for younger kiddos. These are bright, fun, safe blocks for kids under 3 years old.

7. Any of the Areaware block sets. Modern, elegant blocks that are so refined they could easily sit on an architect's desk. 



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