*Way to Play extension set crossing

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$23.99 CAD

A straight road is a boring road, add some extra flare with the crossing extension set. Includes two crossings and two roundabouts for extra waytoplay fun!

A Dutch Design original, become king of the road and carve your own paths with opened ended sets of roads! All resources are sourced from Germany, and the tracks are made from high grade, child safe, durable, hygienic rubber. Because they're flexible, any surface can become your own personal highway. There's no map for a reason - the husband/wife team behind waytoplay deeply believe their toys should have no fixed result - your child is encouraged to be imaginative and puts them in the drivers seat. Anyway is your waytoplay!

  • includes 2 crossings and 2 roundabouts
  • made in the Netherlands 
  • made of high grade, flexible rubber
  • can be used on almost any surface, inside or outside
  • encourages imaginative play

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