the story of planet earth: from stardust to the modern world

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This beautifully illustrated full-colour guide tells the incredible tale of our planet, from Earth's formation from swirling stardust to the present day and near-future. Young readers can discover the story behind everything from volcanoes to weather, where the Moon and our mountains came from and other fascinating secrets.

They will witness and explore:
‚ÄĘ The formation of Earth and the early Solar System
‚ÄĘ Ice ages and periods of warmth
‚ÄĘ How volcanoes shaped our lands
‚ÄĘ Dinosaurs and extinction events
‚ÄĘ Earth's future in our hands

Featuring beautiful full-colour illustrations, fun fact boxes, an useful timeline and a glossary of key terms, 
The Story of Earth supports STEM learning in an entertaining way. It's a perfect gift for curious children aged 8+.

The Story of Everything is a beautifully illustrated series for young readers which tells the story of life as we know it, from the big bang to evolution and the history of human development.

  • hardcover¬†
  • recommended age range 8-12¬†
  • 128 pages¬†



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