sharks - a mighty bite-y history

By Abrams
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Thirty young environmental activists share their dreams with voice of a generation Mya-Rose Craig

Indigenous people and people of colour are disproportionately affected by climate change. And yet they are underrepresented within the environmental movement. But not anymore.

Written by the extraordinary environmental and campaigner for equal rights Mya-Rose Craig‚ÄĒaka Bird girl‚ÄĒthis book profiles 30 young environmental activists who are Indigenous people or people of colour, from communities on the frontline of global climate change. Each speaks to the diverse set of issues they are fighting for, from water conservation, to deforestation, to indigenous rights, and shares their dream . . .

A dream for climate justice.
A dream for a healthy planet.
A dream for a fairer world, for all.

  • paper over board book¬†
  • 80¬†pages¬†
  • age range 8 - 12 years¬†

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