Ogas red mini wooden sailboat

By Ogas
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$6.99 CAD

Bright cherry red and ready to sail the seven seas! These mini wooden sailboats are great fun in the tub, at the pond, or floating on a sea of building blocks. With a single sail attached by string and eyelets to the main mast this miniature boat is ready for your next adventure. Tie a string around the sail to pull them through the waves for a perfectly Christopher Robin inspired escapade! Or, set a large bucket or tub outside and let the kids splash around.

Made by a company in Germany that has been creating quality model ships for over 100 years, their boats are safe to go in the water, quick to dry, and float like a dream. 

  • made in Germany
  • solid wood and non-toxic paints, safe for the bathtub
  • available in bright red or blue
  • safe for 3 years and up
  • measures 4(L) x 3.5(H) x 1.5(W) inches

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