q-ba-maze 2.0 mega stunt set

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$119.99 CAD

If LEGO fell in love with a standard marble run, this would be their baby. This toy stealthily inspires creative play and hones problem solving skills under the guise of straight up fun. Kids (and adults) are always drawn to our demo maze at the store. They love it! 

Great design, tonnes of learning opportunities and a wide age range appeal make Qba Maze a real Dilly Dally favourite. 

Visit the Q-BA-MAZE plans page for instruction plans to follow or for inspiration for new designs of your own. 

  • best for ages 5 and up
  • includes 108  colourful cubes, plus stunt pieces to spice up your builds: 2 cascade stilts 2 coaster tubes, 1 marble vortex, 1 pivot trampoline and full colour instructions 
  • box measures 25.4cm x 17.78cm x 25.4cm 

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