Kraul listening box

By Kraul
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Take a trip with us into the realm of acoustics. The Listening Box experiment kit has everything you need to experience and experiment with different auditory sensations. Did you know that you can not only hear noises and tones but also touch, feel, and see them? A fantastic early science kit that delves deep into sounds while also exploring many of our other senses. 

Kraul is a German-based family business that has been specializing in quality children's toys since the 1920's. Encouraging an early love and appreciation of nature, Kraul kits revolve around the basic elements of earth, fire, wind, and water. Going beyond simply building and experimentation, Kraul opens a world of wonder and imaginative play. Over the years, Kraul has been run by family members that also hold job titles of Waldorf educator, meteorologist, and physicist, which makes it no wonder that their experiment kits and toys stand above the rest. All production and packaging takes place in Germany and the company employs people who are differently abled whenever possible.

  • recommended for¬†ages 4-8 years
  • measures 21.7 x 21.7 cm
  • great for indoor/outdoor¬†experimentation
  • includes stethoscope, tuning fork, balloons, elastics, string, and everything needed for a range of experiments

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