Grimm's 4 little land yachts with 4 sailors

By Grimms
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$135.99 CAD

This small fleet of colourful yachts is ready for adventure, be it on sand, in water, or over the living room carpet. Each little sailboat is equipped with wheels to easily push over land, but then is naturally buoyant and perfect for floating in the bathtub or for outdoor water play. This set comes with 4 different coloured boats and each one has their own rainbow figure sailor. 

Creators of the iconic stacking rainbow and one of the most innovative European toy makers, German-based company Grimm's creates unique wooden toys that are as beautiful sitting on the shelf as they are fun to play with. Proven winners from teething babies to daycares to adult therapies, each toy is thoughtfully created for open-ended, unplugged play for years to come.

Please note Grimm's does not allow Canadian stores to sell to the US. We can only fulfill Canadian orders. 

  • made in Europe
  • safe for ages 1 and up, recommended for ages 2 years and up
  • includes 4 boats and 4 figures
  • figures made of FSC-certified wood (either maple, beech, cherry,¬†or alder, depending on availability) and finished with non-toxic, water-based stains
  • boats made from lime wood with water-based stains
  • each¬†boat measures 12cm long, 14cm tall; figures measure 6.5cm tall, 3cm diameter
  • dry wet boats at room temperature (not on a heater) to avoid cracking¬†
  • please secure the sail in its position by carefully tapping with a small hammer

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