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Crayola premium brushes 5-pack

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A brilliant set of five brushes for all your school crafts and hobby needs. For use with lots of different paints, including watercolour, tempera, and acrylic, these brushes also work great with watercolour pencil crayons. Try out different techniques with the different styled brushes: create straight lines and square sections with the flat and angled brushes and use the round brushes for broad strokes and washes as well as fine lines and details.

Crayola has been manufacturing safe, affordable children's art supplies since 1903 when their first box of 8 crayons was released. From sourcing of raw materials, to design, production, and packaging, Crayola gives the utmost care to ensure their art supplies are 100% safe, non-toxic, and of the best quality for your kids. Beyond safety, Crayola is on the forefront of green initiatives, using solar energy (from a 20-acre solar farm) to produce their crayons, recycled plastic for their markers, and reforested wood for their pencil crayons.

  • contains 5 brushes: 1 flat, 1 angled, and 3 round
  • brushes range from 6.25"-7.25" long, package is 9" x 3.5"
  • great for school crafts and hobbies
  • for use with watercolours, tempera, and acrylic paints

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