We've seen a lot of toys in our day, and we can tell you they are not all created equal. Some toymakers just care more about a child's development and creating toys that are tools for children to learn, expand and explore. 

Other toymakers quite clearly care more about a quick profit - consider whatever blockbuster movie just emerged with a million slap dash toys churned out and heavily advertised simply to create a buying demand. Those guys aren't wringing their hands worrying about your child's development! 

Ostheimer is definitely one of the toymakers with a true commitment to children. They care deeply about creating toys that matter. Toys that are for education as well as entertainment. Toys that will inspire and engage and do so in a most beautiful fashion. If you want your kid playing with toys created by people who care about your child's development, you should know about these guys and gals. So, without further ado: 

Here are the top 5 reasons we love Ostheimer!

1.They are excellent for creative play. 

Any Dilly Dally regular knows we adore creative play. Creative play means toys that children need to use their imaginations to bring to life. While kids are having fun creating adventures for these figures, they build their brains and expand their creativity. Play truly is the work of childhood as it prepare their minds, bodies and hearts for a life full of possibilities. 

2. Ostheimer figures are just straight up beautiful and a pleasure to play with. 

Beautiful wood, exquisite hand painted details and a pleasing, fluid shape that just begs to be admired. These toys are works of art you can play with. Whether they are sitting on a shelf or on a grand adventure in a little one's hands, these figures are simply stunning and so very inviting to play with. 

3. The folks at Ostheimer truly care about kids and create toys with love.

The guiding principle of Ostheimer is to create the highest quality toys that inspire children to roam freely in creative play. They make toy figures based on what they think kids most need to play with, not some flash in the pan trend that will result in quick sales but lower play value. 

4. Ostheimer is committed to sustainable practices. 

From choosing sustainably forested lumber to using organic oil to seal their figures, Ostheimer uses environmentally friendly manufacturing practices to create their beautiful, heirloom toys. These figures can easily be passed down from one child to the next. You won't find these beauties in the landfill!

5. They are toy making experts.

These figures have been handmade in Germany for over 70 years, and they are more popular than ever as more and more people outside of Europe discover just how special these toys are. They know what goes into making a toy that brings children joy as well as learning opportunities. 

As Ostheimer says on their website: "Everything that a child encounters has an influence on its development. As toy manufacturers we therefore bear a special responsibility."

That kind of commitment is one of the reasons we love them so much. We love toys that love kids! 

Check out our Ostheimer collection and see for yourself how lovely toys can be.


Tyler Quantz