Ostheimer Wooden Toys

<p style="text-align: center;">Handmade in Germany, Ostheimer&nbsp;toys have developed a legacy of quality and originality; with&nbsp;natural wood and non-toxic paint, they are a&nbsp;timeless playtime staple that can be passed down for generations. Learn more in <a href="https://dillydallykids.ca/blogs/news/toymakers-we-love-ostheimer-wooden-toys">our article about why Ostheimer is so awesome</a> and see these great toys in action.&nbsp;<span>Also, check out our article about the&nbsp;</span><a href="https://dillydallykids.ca/blogs/news/why-your-kid-should-play-with-figures" target="_blank">benefits of playing with figures</a><span>&nbsp;here.</span></p>

OSTHEIMER SUPPLY: Ostheimer cannot keep up with demand and we only ever have a small amount in stock of what we carry. Please sort by availability below to see what is in stock now and sign up for notifications for sold out items. 

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