We are obsessed with miniatures! It’s no surprise as miniatures have been taking the macro photography world by storm. Preiser has been dedicating themselves to creating detailed, realistic miniature figurines for over 65 years. Each figure is hand painted and is perfectly 1:87 scale, making them the ideal addition to terrariums, dioramas, macro photography, cupcake decorating — you name it!

In the world of macro photography, Preiser is known as the leading standard for unique, quirky, and intricate figurines. The scenes you can create with your Preiser figurines is limited only by the imagination. A surfer riding a giant wave of kale? How about an arborist trimming your spaghetti?

We’ve found lots of great ideas online for using our figures, such as this great step by step tutorial for making a terrarium from Cartoules blog.

Preiser figures make great subjects for your macro photography too! Characters that don’t want to stand up on their own can easily be positioned with a little dab of museum or magician’s wax (available at many hobby stores), or any easy to remove adhesive putty. Check out some of our favourite images from the web:


What magic will you create with your Preiser figures?