The sun is back baby! Thank goodness for that. We're huge advocates of spending as much time outside with your kids as possible, but we know that getting a sunburn is no one's favourite activity. 

We wear protective clothing and hats when we're on the beach in full sun. But we don't want our son covered head to toe all day on a glorious summer afternoon. But, we also don't want to cover him with a bunch of harmful chemicals.

So we compromise by using one of the safest sunscreens you can find. 

Take a look at the Environmental Working Group's website for a full report on the safest sunscreens, and you'll find ThinkBaby/ThinkSport sunscreen in the top tier, naming it "a top choice for sun protection". 

Now, if you've tried a few more natural sunscreens and been left with a poor impression, I don't blame you. We tried many of the sunscreens on the EWG's safer sunscreen list and, man, they aren't all created equal!

We found our ourselves rubbing and rubbing and rubbing in sunscreen, trying to get the greasy, white substance to disappear to no avail. This was bad enough for us as adults but forget getting squirmy wormy kid to sit still for that! I thought looking like Casper the friendly ghost was just the price you paid for safety. 

And then we tried ThinkBaby

It rubs in easily and leaves no white greasy layer on the skin. It doesn't have a stinky chemical smell. Our kid lets us put it on him no problem. 

Hooray! You can indeed have it all. A safer sunscreen that leaves your skin feeling moisturized, not greasy. And whatever beautiful colour your skin naturally is, it will remain that colour rather than a pastey, ghostly white.

So if you look in our beach bag, you'll see our stash of ThinkBaby sunscreen all summer long.  

Tyler Quantz
Tagged: summer