This is so simple, yet so fun. Perhaps the easiest DIY we'll ever post :)

Grab a tube or tub of aloe vera gel (we usually have one on hand to soothe skin) and put some in a few shallow bowls. Add a few drops of food colouring to each one and voila! You have a set of gel paints. There's an interesting quality to them - somehow really vibrant and softly watercolour-ish at the same time. 

Our son loved the texture of these, and after we made them once he wanted to do it every day until we ran out of aloe vera! This was a fun, creative and tactile art experience for us all. The paints spread easily on paper and dry nicely - no cracks or flakes. 

This fun idea is from 150 Screen Free Activities for Kids by Asia Citro. This book seriously rocks so if you're looking for easy DIY tactile fun for your kiddos, check it out! 

Tyler Quantz
Tagged: DIY Craft