Hansa woolly mammoth stuffie


Although typically no bigger than the modern day elephant, mammoths, which are now extinct, could weigh up to 8 tonnes and stand 4 metres tall at the shoulder. The mammoth's tusks could reach up to 5 metres long! This little baby from Hansa survived the last ice age eating plants and shrubs and with his long woolly coat, he is exceptionally good at giving warm cuddles!

With a worldwide reputation for high quality, extremely lifelike stuffed animals, it's no wonder these cuddly creatures are beloved by all. By embracing children's natural tendency to nurture, these realistic stuffies are helping to create a generation of caring individuals with a concern for nature and wildlife. Made in the Philippines by a dedicated team of highly skilled and devoted workers, Hansa works closely with wildlife conservations to create the most realistic plush animals available.

  • made in the Philippines
  • crafted by skilled artists, each animal will have slight variations and character
  • encourages nurturing and appreciation for wildlife
  • safe for ages 3 and up
  • measures 9 inches

Let's be buddies!

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