wooden fairytale cottage with furniture


Made in Germany by Norbert Verneuer from alder wood and finished with natural oils. This special little fairytale house is just the right size for a family of woodland dwellers, be they fairies, foxes, or farmers. Two storeys with a small staircase, cut-out windows, and perfect fairy-sized furniture; this dollhouse is thoughtfully constructed from smooth sanded pine wood, giving it a beautiful texture and smell. The whimsical shape of this house lends itself well to magical and imaginative play and the house comes with basic furniture, including a bed, fireplace, table, and chairs.

Dollhouses are one of the ultimate dream toys. Kids LOVE them and are always excited to peek and delight in whatever one we have on display at the store. Always the show stopper gift-wise, dollhouses ignite creativity like nothing else. From hosting stellar mini tea parties to choosing how best to decorate this tiny abode, little ones love keeping busy with a dreamy dollhouse.

  • Made in Germany by Norbert Verneuer
  • measures 17.7” x 14.4” x 11.8”
  • not recommended for children under 3 years
  • a special shipping charge applies for this item

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