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Mini Micro Scooters are available for shipping in Canada only.

The top scooter choice for elementary school-age kids. Designed for stability and smooth-gliding mobility, the Maxi Micro is a little like being on a skateboard, but with greater control and maneuverability. Features 3 wheels, gentle axle steering, and a low-to-the-ground deck. Durable and light-weight, kids will intuitively learn to steer by leaning and shifting their body weight to turn left or right, and build their confidence in the process. The sleek and quiet design is easy to ride and you'll soon see your kids whizzing around like pros! The T-bar handle is adjustable from a height of 24" (from standing deck) to 36", so the Maxi is able to grow with your child.

Trying to decide between the Maxi Micro and Mini Micro? We find some children as young as three are already adept enough to ride the Maxi Micro, but ultimately it comes down to your child's size and comfort. The Mini Micro is much lighter weight, smaller, and therefore easier to steer and ride, which really boosts the confidence of young ones and can help get them ready for the Maxi Micro further down the road.

  •  recommended for ages 5-11, some younger kids can maneuver this scooter as well
  • maximum weight of 110lbs
  • standing deck measures 13 x 5.5", total scooter is 23 x 5.5", steering bar is 24"-34" tall from deck, weighs 5.5lbs
  • winner of numerous awards, including Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold and Platinum Seal (2009)
  • helmet and knee pads are recommended when riding
  • scooter does not fold, T-bar removes from deck

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