Hazel Village Owen Fox


 Owen loves to go to his secret tree house and practice his dance moves. He says he's such a nimble dancer because he has a low center of gravity. But the other animals, who have similarly low centers of gravity, say he just has a lot of energy.

 Made of orange organic cotton fleece, with white velour on his nose and tail and hand-embroidered face details. Owen's clothes are removable and interchangeable with the other animals if any of them want to try new outfits — or get overheated from vigorous dancing. Designed in Brooklyn and ethically made with care in India each of these special animals has a character all their own and can't wait to come home with you. 

  • 15 inches tall
  • USA design, ethically made in India
  • organic cotton
  • hand wash and let air dry
  • all clothing and accessories should be removed before leaving alone with babies under 3 years of age

Let's be buddies!

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