Londji multiplication game

By Londji
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Learn your multiplication tables and have fun by building the multiplication machine! The aim of the game is to progress over time and be able to move all the discs from cog number 1, the "I don't know" cog, over to cog number 5, the "I know the answer" cog. Practice just ten minutes a day and you'll master the multiplication machine in no time! 

Made and designed in Barcelona, Londji's motto is "original toys for kids 3 to 103!" With some of the most imaginative puzzles and games ranging in 10 to over 200 pieces, they have a little something for everyone. Combining their own unique, beautiful designs with classic toys, it's a modern spin on games every generation knows how to play with. Since 2004, Londji has been imagining, innovating, and creating, and we all get to reap the wonder-full rewards!

  • best for ages 6 and up
  • for 1 player
  • includes 5 cogs to progress through and round discs for each multiplication equation for numbers 1-12
  • answers are on the back of each disc
  • made in Barcelona from recycled paper and cardboard

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