Hazel Village Phoebe Fawn


Phoebe is the Village Orchestra conductor and concert master. She says her instrument is the pan flute, which never goes flat, and which an industrious animal can play even if she has hooves.
Phoebe's tunic is made of natural colored organic cotton jersey. It has a cute gathered detail in front and a velcro closure in back. It is removable so Phoebe can change her clothes and share with the other Hazel Village animals.  Designed in Brooklyn and ethically made with care in India each of these special animals has a character all their own and can't wait to come home with you.
  • 14 inches tall
  • USA design, ethically made in India
  • made of organic cotton
  • hand wash and let air dry
  • hand embroidered faces make them safe for all ages, but remove loose clothing before leaving with babies

Let's be buddies!

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