Haba little bird big hunger game

By Haba
$19.99 CAD

Four little chicks are hatching, poking through their shells and they're starving! They're going to need food, and a lot of it. Seeds, berries, worms, and flies. But careful! These chicks can be very picky. Roll the die to decide what to feed the chicks. Little by little they will become stronger, but who will be the first to grow into a big bird?

Collect all of the feed dishes and flip over your cards. As you flip the cards over, it gets more and more difficult to feed your little bird! The first child to flip all of their cards over is the winner! 

  • for ages 3-99
  • 2-4 players
  • game length 15 minutes
  • includes: 4 sets of cards (4 cards in 1 set), 20 feed dishes, 1 die, 1 sheet with 6 stickers, 1 set of instructions