*Haba kullerbu complementary set - archway with bell

By Haba
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$12.99 CAD

A super cute addition to any ball track! Send balls under the archway and the little mouse will make sure to ring-a-ding the little bell announcing your arrival! 

Kullerbu is Haba's newest ball track for toddlers, creatively combining the best of trains and marble runs. This STEM toy keeps little ones engaged with it's bright colours, super cute play scenes, and expressive characters. It's perfectly designed for ages 2 and up with a clever click system that easily snaps tracks stably into place with lots of different combinations to mix-and-match.

Kullerbu balls not only roll down track, but can also "hop aboard" a variety of vehicles. There are even vehicles that don't hold balls which come with a friction based motor that can climb the track with a little push. These friction vehicles can even push balls back up the track. So many fun possibilities! Family founded in 1938 in Germany, HABA crafts brilliantly polished and sturdily constructed beech wood. Now manufactured in Europe and abroad under strict standards, HABA's wholesome toys will stimulate your little one's senses and playfully encourage discovery and development.  

  • best for toddlers ages 2-5
  • made from the perfect combination of wood and plastic for sturdiness and smooth rolling
  • includes one archway with bell, one cat ball, and one yellow ball (tracks sold separately) 

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