green and pink fairy blossom dress


Float through fields of flowers in this fanciful fairy blossom dress. This gorgeous flowing gown has a velvety emerald green top with gold trim and pink rosettes. The full skirt is made from top layers of organza petals and soft tulle underneath. Elastic waist allows for comfortable sizing flexibility. Attached wings are delicate, flowing organza, with glitter details and small elastic finger hooks so your can flutter and fly around.

Pirates and fairies and wizards, oh my! A chef one day, a ballet dancer the next. Dressing up and make believing is one of the best ways to encourage imagination and creative thinking. Pretending to be someone strong and brave or graceful and talented helps kids believe they are capable of anything! Playing dress up in groups helps kids learn to navigate all those social rules they’ll need to observe in school and in life in general. Stretching the imagination helps kids to think creatively, practice new language skills and get active. Ever seen a fairy or a superhero just sitting around? En garde!

  • fits approximately ages 3-7
  • emerald velour bodice with rosette neckline
  • organza and tulle skirt and organza attached wings

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