Goki stars kaleidoscope

By Goki
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Discover a world of patterns and colours that only a kaleidoscope can show you. Kaleidoscopes are more than just classic fun — they get you looking at the world in different ways. Changing the light conditions, angle, or a flick of the wrist can create a whole new fantastic display for the eyes. Young and old have delighted for generations in the fractal wonders and magic of kaleidoscopes. 

Goki is a German owned company that has over 130 years of experience in the toy industry. Primarily using wood for its toys, Goki finds the forests to be not only an important habitat, but an indispensable resource for humanity with what will hopefully be a lasting legacy. This is why each year, Goki plants a new tree for every child born in their northern state in Germany, or roughly 25,000 trees. With careful attention to details from the woods used to the paints and varnishes selected, Goki has maintained the extremely high standard of quality expected of traditional German toy manufacturers, even as they have grown and expanded their operations around the world. 

  • measures 10.7 cm x 3 cm diameter
  • for ages 3 and up
  • made of cardboard with small enclosed gems and beads

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