Folkmanis standing lop rabbit puppet

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$49.99 CAD

Look who just popped up in the garden ready for the next harvest! New to the bunny hutch is the Standing Lop Rabbit puppet featuring distinctive long ears and cashmere-soft fur in a creamy white and "broken" brown colour pattern. A hip "localvore" who's ready to feed on fresh veggies, this cuddly fellow can hold a carrot up to his hungry, open mouth and nibble away. Adopt this sweet natured creature before he hops away!
Super soft with lovely long ears, this bunny demands to be cuddled. Irresistible! 

Puppets are one of the best tools for imaginative play ever created. These puppets are so well designed, anyone can effortlessly make them come alive. Their faces can display so many different emotions and expressions. Children love to create imaginative storylines with these, which builds language skills and creativity. These are an absolute must in any parent's entertainment tickle trunk!   

  • promotes creativity and language skills
  • safe for children 3 years and up to use independently
  • an incredible tool for parents to engage with children and babies of all ages
  • measures 7" long 8" wide and 12" tall
  • moveable mouth and forelegs
  • perfect to pair with the Lop Bunny finger puppet¬†or Bunny Rabbit finger puppet

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