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Let your child’s imagination run wild in this wonderfully busy, search-and-find board book – follow fun characters, spot and count things, and have an entertaining, I-spy adventure! 

A board book that’s perfect for pre-readers and children beginning to read, they’ll learn to identify characters, search-and-find, and count interesting items on pages filled with fun, bustling scenes. 

This wonderfully interactive book draws children into the scenes on the page and encourages them to become a part of the action. Each page depicts a different location such as a sunny beach, a colourful toy shop, or a beautiful park - and interesting characters throughout!

Children are encouraged to spot different items on the pages such as animals, toys, people, then to count, name, and make up a story. The book also has open-ended prompts on each page which encourages observation, conversation, and exploration. 

  • 16 pages
  • recommended for ages 2-5 years 
  • board book 

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