Do You Doodle? book


 If you are feeling like moving beyond colouring books, but find the blank page of a sketch book too daunting, check out doodle books! Do You Doodle? is a great introduction, with silly, creative illustrations for you to finish and prompts to guide your doodles. A boy peers into a bowl of soup- what do you think is in it? A gate opens up to a blank page — draw the house that should be here! With over 200 pages, you're sure to find something inspiring inside.

Colouring books encourage creative thinking and help foster a love of the arts! They encourage fine motor skills, patience, and an eye for details. Besides the educational benefits, activity books are the perfect companion for a lazy Sunday or a long trip. Kids of all ages will spend hours putting their own unique touches on the whimsical illustrations!

  • 256 pages
  • measures 7 x 9 inches
  • best for age 5 and up

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