crocodile stage puppet


An award winning puppet, the crocodile stage puppet features not just an easily animated mouth (full of ferocious teeth) but operable arms too. Despite appearances, this crocodile's bite is all bark as he's really rather soft and caring when you get to know him. Kids love to chase their parents around with this one! 

Puppets are one of the best tools for imaginative play ever created. These are so well designed, anyone can effortlessly make them come alive. Their faces can display so many different emotions and expressions. Children love to create imaginative storylines with these, which builds language skills and creativity. These are an absolute must in any parent's entertainment tickle trunk!
  • promotes creativity and language skills
  • safe for children 3 years and up to use independently
  • an incredible tool for parents to engage with children and babies of all ages
  • measures 8" long, 4" wide, and 13" tall

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