Dilly Dally Kids

Chinese brush painting for kids


Creating beautiful paintings of animals, fauna, and more is just a brushstroke away! This spectacular kit contains everything aspiring painters need to discover the world to Chinese brush painting. This beautiful, expressive art style has been in use for centuries—now it’s your turn to learn! Use the techniques in the instruction book to masterfully paint a plethora of animal friends, plus all of nature’s finest plants.

Full of a zest for life, Spicebox Books creates products that will help kids grow up to be their most lively selves! Founded in Vancouver, this local company loves to share its passion for educational fun through their activity kits. Every Spicebox product is guaranteed to get your creative juices flowing and your imagination soaring. No wonder they’ve got fans from around the world!

  • includes instruction book, art paper pad, 8 paints, 2 paintbrushes and ink stick, ink stone, rice paper and templates
  • ages 8 and up
  • kit measures 10.8" x 13" x 1.3"

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