Bauspiel coloured arches 32 pcs

$154.99 CAD

Use these colourful wooden arches to make tunnels, gates, bridges, swings, and anything else you can imagine. A wonderful open-ended toy that is heirloom-quality, to be played with for years to come. Use the arches for balancing feats while practicing your hand-eye coordination. Lay each arch on its side to make 2D patterns and shapes or as winding tracks for marbles and small balls. 

Bauspiel translates to "Construction Game" and that is definitely the inspiration behind this German company. Bauspiel believes in making toys that inspire creativity in children. By keeping their toys simple, classic, and of natural materials, children are able to learn in a playful way how to stack, build, design, and construct wonderful creations. This small German company makes all their wooden toys lovingly from local European trees, such as beech, alder, and linden, as well as sycamore and cherry. Each toy is carefully sanded for a lovely feel that's easy to grasp, and is finished with non-toxic paint and natural oils.

  • made in Germany
  • 32 pieces in a wooden frame
  • 4 colours with 8 pieces each
  • arch pieces measure 5 x 2.5cm; 10 x 5cm; 15 x 7.5cm; 20 x 10cm - all 2.5cm thick
  • wooden frame measures 23 x 23 x 2.5 cm