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For centuries, everyone from geologists to jewellers have been in awe of amethyst. Why? This semi-precious stone has been studied and treasured since Ancient Greek times. With Discover With Dr. Cool’s Crystal Growing kit, kids can learn about earth science too by growing their own purple amethyst-coloured crystal. Yes, that’s right: crystals can be grown, just like your favourite flowers and fruits! This gem of a kit contains everything you need to form a unique and breathtaking crystal.

Discover With Dr. Cool creates toys that showcase the adventurous world of earth science. Created from scratch by a teacher and a geology lover, their toys are totally unique. This kit allows kids to develop hands-on science skills, and compare their creations with a real amethyst crystal. Plus, it’s a great way to introduce kids of all ages to the wonderful world of geology. It’s crystal-clear why this kit has won the 2014 Tillywig Brain Child Toy Award!

  • suitable for ages 3 and up (may require supervision)
  • hands-on activity helps kids connect with earth science
  • product dimensions 6 x 2 x 8 inches
  • kit contains crystal growing powder, seed rock, amethyst specimen, stir stick, diorama, simple instructions, and activity book

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