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Top Toys: Haba Marble Runs

Want a toy that will help your child build their brain, have more patience and become a better problem solver? So did we, so we brought home a few of the awesome Haba marble run pieces. 

So what's so great about it? Here's why we think every play room should have a Haba marble run: 

1. It challenges the brain to solve problems to create a marble run that works. 

This is a top notch brain building educational toy for a wide variety of ages. Creating a plan, building a vision and solving problems as they arise until you succeed - these are incredible skills any child needs to succeed in life. 

2. Haba marble runs encourage perseverance. 

You often need to fiddle with your design until it works perfectly. You may accidentally knock over a portion and have to start again. Building a marble run takes diligence. Patience, perseverance and grit are huge predictors of success in school and beyond. Who doesn't want their child to have the ability to keep trying until they succeed? 

3. It's an awesome family activity. 

My husband and I, grandparents, aunts and uncles and other grown up buddies have all had a blast helping our son build super cool marble runs. This is a great group project, fostering good family times and cooperation skills to boot. 

4. Kids don't get bored easily with this toy.

It's a different toy every time you build something new, meaning it will be played with again and again. You don't just follow some instructions and then you're done. You can dream up new projects any time you want! We love toys with great play value. No one wants a bunch of toys their kids play with once or twice and then get bored with. 

5. It's super duper fun!

The squeals of joy at our house (our son's and to be honest, our own) are proof positive that this toy is where education and fun meet. Kids learn a TONNE when it's fun. It's just how they're wired. 

Haba makes seriously great toys and they care deeply about making toys that enhance creative play, problem solving skills and fun!

If you're looking for a STEM toy, you can't beat this.





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