Top Toys: Grimm's Wooden Rainbow

Top seller, staff pick, everyone's favourite - whatever title you want to give it, Grimm's wooden rainbows are some of the best toys you could ever give a kid. Want to know why it's the jackpot of toys? 

Well, they're incredibly open ended, which means they can be played with in many ways. It can be one thing today, another tomorrow. If you're looking to boost your kiddo's creativity and imagination (and who isn't?) then you should take a look at these rainbows. 

Just as a jumping off point, here are 10 ways to play with a wooden rainbow (though your kid will find plenty more things to do with it that aren't on this list).

 Bridges and Tunnels 


Calling all car lovers, future engineers and city planners! Each coloured arch can easily become a bridge or a tunnel for cars and trucks to zoom about. Or, create a beauty of a foot bridge for figure or animal to cross. These can balance well on blocks too, so feel free to create bridges between block towers. 

Animal Homes

Got an animal lover? So do we, so we often make little animal homes and enclosures with our rainbow. Flip the arches on their sides to make little circles. Voila! Perfect animal paddocks for farm or zoo play. Or, stack a few together and make a snuggly bear, fox or rabbit den. 

Hills and Mountains


Stack the arches in a million ways to create rolling hills for goats or any other little critters to roam and climb. This is awesome for both imaginative play and dexterity. 

 Barriers and Hideaways

The arches on their sides make for perfect spots to duck out of the way of an incoming puffball. Our son has played "hide and seek" with this and a few animal figures. Ready or not, here we come! Another humdinger of an imagination boost. 

Teeny Beds and Rocking Chairs

Little dolls or figures can take a load off and relax in a richly coloured, smoothly rocking little bed. Here mama bunny is rocking her babe to sleep - who will your kiddo put to bed? 

Skyscraper Animal Homes

Stack em high and create a little animal apartment building. This is an excellent test of balance and dexterity. Nothing beats that look of pride a kid gets when they get every piece stacked up and balance some little guys on each arch. 

Car Ramp

Stacking them as above creates an awesome crash and bash ramp for toy cars to race down. Any mini Evel Knievels out there? We zoomed down this ramp MANY many times and our son couldn't stop laughing. 

Sort and Match

Lay out the arches and get your kiddo to sort coloured objects into categories. Our son is old enough to send out on a hunting mission around the play room for coloured objects to add, but if your child is younger you could always give them a selection of easy to identify by coloured objects to sort into the right arches. Sorting is a fun little brain booster that kids really love to do. 

And seriously, this is just the tip of the iceberg. We have a demo rainbow at the store and I'm always seeing new things that kids do with it. Check out the amazing Grimm's Wooden Rainbows and fall in love with all the possibilities. 



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