top toys - wooden toys

As a medium, we are very partial to wood at Dilly Dally. It’s beautiful, sustainable and durable. Many wooden toys are works of art that can be treasured and passed down for generations...

top toys - arts and crafts

Whether you dream of your little one becoming the next Picasso or not, arts and crafts should definitely be in your toy box. Encouraging artistic expression certainly can lead to increased artistic ability, but that is just one of the many incredible benefits...

top toys - blocks

This is the jack of all trades toy. Whether you're hoping for an architect, scientist or artistic genius, blocks should be a part of your child's toy box...

top toys - storytelling tools

We love storytelling toys like puppets, figures, story cards, story dice, and creative writing tools. Anything that inspires kids to create characters and events and link them together in fun little stories makes for an excellent, imaginative toy.

top toys - dress up and house play

Kids playing shop in tutus and pirate hats are pretty darn cute. Crazy cute actually, but that’s just a benefit for us adults. The list of benefits for kids is much lengthier than that.

top toys - games

Playing games is great fun, but there are a host of benefits for kids beyond a good time and a great way to spend an afternoon indoors...

top toys - puzzles

Piecing together a puzzle puzzle on a rainy afternoon is one of life's peaceful pleasures. Along with being a pleasant way to spend some time, puzzles encourage and develop many positive skills...

top toys - books

Books really are one of the great joys in life. Cuddling up and reading a story together is a treasured memory for many parents and children...

top toys- stuffed animals & dolls

Soft, cuddly friends are truly one of childhood’s ultimate comforts. Who among us didn’t have a treasured doll or teddy, or some other creature to cuddle that meant the world to us as kids...

top toys - science toys & outdoor exploration

There is such an awesome range of toys, kits and projects that encourage scientific exploration these days. From building a working catapult to...

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