Love Grimms? Then You’ll Love These Guys Too!

If you haven’t taken a good look at Gluckskafer, you should definitely take a peek. This timeless wooden toy company shares much in common with everyone’s favourite, Grimms. Both companies are German, manufacture in Europe and create beautiful, high-quality open-ended toys.

Gluckskafer makes gorgeous blocks and stackers that are the perfect fuel for growing imaginations. Striking, rich colours make these handmade toys a work of art. Beautifully simple in design, these toys are created to spur creative, child-directed play. We also love that Gluckskafer uses sustainably forested wood (beech and maple) and non-toxic paints.

1. All in House with furniture. Pull all the pieces out for a perfectly appointed home. There’s a table, chairs, sleeping mats, bench, nesting tables/stools and more. While we adore this set with Ambrosius figures, please note the regular dolls are a bit big to sit on a little chair without the help of leaning against the table. We love the natural set pictured here for its pretty wood grain, but it also comes in red and green for are more vibrant household! Want a mental challenge? Put it all back together like a puzzle.

2.  Blue Grotto. The set with its bright, cheerful and bold colours is a gorgeous addition to any playroom. Explore this toy in multiple ways:                              

  • use in small world play with dino, fairy, gnome or forest animal figures.

  • balance, stack and construct unique structures with the arches

  • build that logical thinking muscle by putting the arches back in sequence like a puzzle

3. Rainbow Building Slats Block Tower. We love the range of colours (both primary and pastel shades) of this set. These thin, flat, rectangular blocks can be played with in so many ways.                                                        

  • make a domino run

  • stack and build a tower

  • use for a million and one creative play scenarios from animal enclosures to fences to bridges to little home

4. The Sunrise stacker. The colour combination on this one really makes our hearts sing. It’s just so pretty! Stack and balance the pieces, create little worlds for small figures to explore, put a couple of arches together for an animal enclosure, and build brains by putting all the pieces back together like a puzzle.

5. Green Arch House. If you have a collection of peg dolls, Ambrosius figures or little animal figures, this is a beautiful little place for them to call home. Pull all the arches apart to make a small village, or stack up high for a gnome-ish skyscraper. Balance and stack in more ways than you can count!

With all wooden, hand-crafted toys there will be variations in the wood grain and you will often come across natural variations like black marks, knots or streaks. These occur naturally and are considered a part of wood’s natural beauty. No two toys are exactly alike, since wood is a living material and subject to nature’s paint brush.

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