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We believe the right toys contribute to a positive, healthy childhood and help build life long skills. So we thought long and hard about the kind of toys we wanted to carry at Dilly Dally before we opened our doors. In fact, we researched toys and their benefits for two years before we opened, looking for the right toys that we felt good about promoting.

Most importantly, these toys are fun. The best way to encourage kids to learn is to make it fun, so a toy must be more than a learning tool. We get to watch kids in our store playing with all kinds of our toys, and we listen carefully to what parents tell us about their experiences with our toys. So we know firsthand that kids have fun with our toys!

Stuffed Animal & Dolls

Soft, cuddly friends are truly one of childhood’s ultimate comforts. Who among us didn’t have a treasured doll or teddy, or some other creature to cuddle that meant the world to us as kids?

There are a host of reasons why kids love stuffies and dolls, and there are plenty of reasons for parents to encourage that love for kiddos of all ages. Here are some of them:

They encourage babies to explore their senses. From exploring the raised ridges of embroidered eyes to feeling the soft texture of fur or cotton, babies love to revel in the tactile delight of age appropriate soft toys.

They encourage language building in toddlers and preschoolers. Everyone’s heard a kid having elaborate conversations with a stuffie or doll – practicing and synthesizing vocabulary and language patterns.

They help children learn empathy. Soft toys are often a child’s first real friends – something they love and show consideration for outside of themselves. This helps them develop empathy for others.

They are an incredible tool for imaginative play. Children have a natural gift for imagining all kinds of scenarios for their favourite stuffed pals. A giraffe may be a princess at a tea party one day and a brave astronaut the next. This imaginary play builds their creativity, leading to a stronger ability to solve problems and challenges creatively later on. Creativity is a skill that's useful in so many ways and in pretty much every field of human activity. From excelling as a dancer to an engineer to an environmental activist to an entrepreneur, creativity is a necessary skill and likely to increase in importance as our world increases in complexity.

They help children of all ages learn about animals. A loved cuddly dolphin often leads to an interest in real dolphins and their habitats, and fosters a genuine love of our natural world.

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