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top toys - science toys & outdoor exploration

We believe the right toys contribute to a positive, healthy childhood and help build life long skills. So we thought long and hard about the kind of toys we wanted to carry at Dilly Dally before we opened our doors. In fact, we researched toys and their benefits for two years before we opened, looking for the right toys that we felt good about promoting.

Most importantly, these toys are fun. The best way to encourage kids to learn is to make it fun, so a toy must be more than a learning tool. We get to watch kids in our store playing with all kinds of our toys, and we listen carefully to what parents tell us about their experiences with our toys. So we know firsthand that kids have fun with our toys!

Science Toys & Outdoor Exploration

There is such an awesome range of toys, kits and projects that encourage scientific exploration these days. From building a working catapult to observing a bug up close and personal in a bug viewer, there are countless ways to ignite a child’s natural curiosity about our world. These toys and kits have a huge range of benefits.

They provide experiential learning opportunities. Most kids learn best by doing, and science kits and toys help kids learn about their world with a hands on approach. This helps kids absorb more knowledge and get excited about further learning opportunities while sharpening their observational skills.

They make learning fun. Learning through doing is usually much more fun for kids and keeps them engaged while learning. It’s more fun to poke and prod a squishy model of a human body than sit and listen to a lecture about it!

They provide a wide range of learning opportunities. From chemical reactions to mechanical principles to electrical circuits to how nature operates, the science section is packed full of interesting ways to explore a huge range of tops.

They are an excellent way to have some screen free time for older kids. The older a child gets, the harder it can be to engage them in activities that don’t involve a screen of some kind. Balancing out screen time with other pursuits is a major concern for many parents. Plenty of older kids find building something cool like a trebuchet or a burglar alarm really exciting, and can make getting your child to put down the video game controller a little easier.            

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