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We believe the right toys contribute to a positive, healthy childhood and help build life long skills. So we thought long and hard about the kind of toys we wanted to carry at Dilly Dally before we opened our doors. In fact, we researched toys and their benefits for two years before we opened, looking for the right toys that we felt good about promoting.

Most importantly, these toys are fun. The best way to encourage kids to learn is to make it fun, so a toy must be more than a learning tool. We get to watch kids in our store playing with all kinds of our toys, and we listen carefully to what parents tell us about their experiences with our toys. So we know firsthand that kids have fun with our toys!


Piecing together a puzzle puzzle on a rainy afternoon is one of life's peaceful pleasures. Along with being a pleasant way to spend some time, puzzles encourage and develop many positive skills.

They develop fine motor skills. Manipulating the pieces, whether in peg puzzles or later with jigsaw puzzles, is a wonderful way to increase hand eye coordination and dexterity.

They encourage patience, concentration and perseverance. It takes time to complete a puzzle, and the patience and perseverance needed to accomplish that goal are imperative to success in many fields down the line. Success at school and in the work place relies heavily on the abilities to focus and the ability to work hard on a long term goal.

They encourage problem solving abilities. In order to solve the puzzle, a child must think and plan how to achieve that goal. They'll come up with a variety of strategies - trial and error, organizing pieces into potential sections, to solve the puzzle. Problem solving will be an important skill in almost every area of life as they grow up.

They develop cognitive skills. Shape recognition, visual discernment and memory are just some examples of the brain benefits of puzzling.

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