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We believe the right toys contribute to a positive, healthy childhood and help build life long skills. So we thought long and hard about the kind of toys we wanted to carry at Dilly Dally before we opened our doors. In fact, we researched toys and their benefits for two years before we opened, looking for the right toys that we felt good about promoting.

Most importantly, these toys are fun. The best way to encourage kids to learn is to make it fun, so a toy must be more than a learning tool. We get to watch kids in our store playing with all kinds of toys, and we listen carefully to what parents tell us about their experiences. So we know firsthand that kids have fun with our toys!  

Arts and Crafts

Whether you dream of your little one becoming the next Picasso or not, arts and crafts should definitely be in your toy box. Encouraging artistic expression certainly can lead to increased artistic ability, but that is just one of the many incredible benefits.

It builds motor skills. Holding a paintbrush, colouring in shapes, sewing or knitting or making fun collages - whatever the activity, engaging in arts and crafts builds fine motor skills useful for countless applications in the future.

It builds confidence. There are no right or wrong answers in art, so kids can feel good about whatever they create. If they take the time to master a new skill, such as knitting, that leads to a sense of accomplishment that builds confidence further.

It helps children develop their imaginations and increases their ability to solve problems creatively. They learn there is more than one way to do something and more than one solution to discover. Creativity is a skill that's useful in so many ways and in pretty much every field of human activity. From excelling as a dancer to an engineer to an environmental activist to an entrepreneur, creativity is a necessary skill and likely to increase in importance as our world increases in complexity. 

It helps kids express their emotions. Children often express thoughts and feelings through art they may not be able to articulate with language. The act of creating can free the mind to allow personal expression without fear of judgment.

It increases the abilities to focus, observe and analyze. Creating art takes concentration, a skill which is so important to success in school, work and life in general. It also leads to countless opportunities to solve problems and observe outcomes from specific actions. What paints mix together to create purple? How can I get make what I see in my mind appear on the page? Will this pipe cleaner be strong enough to hold my structure together?

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