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top toys - dress up and house play


We believe the right toys contribute to a positive, healthy childhood and help build life long skills. So we thought long and hard about the kind of toys we wanted to carry at Dilly Dally before we opened our doors. In fact, we researched toys and their benefits for two years before we opened, looking for the right toys that we felt good about promoting.

Most importantly, these toys are fun. The best way to encourage kids to learn is to make it fun, so a toy must be more than a learning tool. We get to watch kids in our store playing with all kinds of toys, and we listen carefully to what parents tell us about their experiences. So we know firsthand that kids have fun with our toys! 

 Dress Up and Houseplay

People look at kids in tutus and pirate hats or playing shop with wooden fruits and veggies and think, "That’s so cute!" It is cute. Crazy cute actually, but that’s just a benefit for us adults. The list of benefits for kids is much lengthier than that.

It encourages the imagination like nothing else. Dress up leads to all kinds of creative adventures, and developing creativity now will help kids solve life’s challenges creatively later. Creativity is a skill that's useful in so many ways and in pretty much every field of human activity. From excelling as a dancer to an engineer to an environmental activist to an entrepreneur, creativity is a necessary skill and likely to increase in importance as our world increases in complexity. 

It encourages verbal skills. Kids practice and synthesize what they’ve overheard adults saying when they role play. This helps develop vocabulary and language skills in the most fun way ever.

It encourages social skills, decision making, nurturing abilities and empathy. Role playing helps kids get out of their own heads and see life from a variety of perspectives and practice teamwork with other role players. Rocking a doll to sleep, taking turns being the doctor and the patient, and seeing what it’s like to be a teacher can all help a child develop socially and emotionally.

It’s great for motor skill development. Cutting fruits and veggies and balancing them on a plate or navigating the Velcro strap on a superhero cape helps kids develop their motor skills. Plus it’s a great form of active play, especially on rainy cold days stuck indoors. Have you ever seen a superhero sitting around lazily on the couch? Neither have we.


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