May 01, 2014

Jon Klassen is the best!

We are always on the lookout for new authors and illustrators to add to our book collection! One author who we were thrilled to discover is Jon Klassen. He recently won the Caldecott Award, one of the highest awards given for children’s literature. Klassen’s first book that he both wrote and illustrated, “I Want my Hat Back,” is a darkly humorous tale of a bear on the hunt for his lost red hat. There’s a twist, of course, but it’s one which is best discovered while reading.


“This is Not My Hat” is Klassen’s latest, and the book which he won the Caldecot for. A companion, or possibly a re-telling, of “I Want my Hat Back,” “This is Not My Hat tells the other side of the story, narrated by a tiny fish who has just stolen a cap from a much larger fish, who may or may not be out to get it back.


Klassen has also illustrated several delightful, whimsical books by other authors. “Cat’s Night Out” is a cheerful tale of what your house cat might be getting up to, when you let them out at night. Watch cats tango, tap, and sashy across the alley-ways all night long!
“Extra Yarn” is a cozy book about a young girl who finds an extra-special ball of yarn which lets her create as many fantastic sweaters and scarfs as she wants until an evil prince takes notice of her skills. It’s a charming, smart modern fairy tale that makes a super cozy bedtime story.

Let us know if you have any authors / illustrators you just can’t get enough of. We love finding new favourite books!

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