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Who doesn’t love a great blanket fort? In this city, you never know when you’re going to get a rainy day, so it’s good to have a bag of tricks to keep little ones entertained indoors.  What better way is there than breaking out the sheets and clothespins and curling up with a good coloring book?

Image via Apartment Therapy.

You don’t need much – some sheets, some cozy blankets, a pile of pillows, some chairs or a table to drape everything over and and that’s about it. You can add string lights or play around with flashlights inside. You can use string and clothespegs to pull the roof higher if you have a hook or nail to tie the string to. What’s great about forts is there are no rules and they all look awesome from the inside, even if they’re not structural beauties on the outside!

Image via Tinker Lab.

We love the idea of cuddling up and reading books or plucking away at a ukelele – but anything goes! Some folks like to watch a favourite movie on a lap top. Others like to create an adventurous story – like being marooned on a desert island and cobbling together a shelter from found objects. Anything goes on fort day!

If you’re feeling particularly ambitious, check out this tutorial for building an Elephant Sized Fort. Yep – it’s big!


If you need more fort inspiration, check out a great blog, All For the Boys. Most of the above forts are from their regular feature Fort Fridays, and there’s always something fun to look at!

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