it's gardening time

Spring is just getting going here in Vancouver (yay!), and with the longer days and warmer weather comes the urge to get out and play in the dirt! Gardening is such a great way for kids to connect with nature, and gives them a chance to learn more about the world around them.

Whether you are planning on working in a community vegetable garden, or just digging up weeds in your front yard, our children’s gardening tool set has everything you’ll need to get the little ones in your life engaged. The brightly colored spade, shovel, and rake are all sized down to fit small hands perfectly, as is the adorable watering can. Everything fits into a flowered, sturdy gardening bag to make it easier to tote around the yard.

Here’s an impossibly cute little one enjoying the gardening set and the great outdoors. A green thumb in the making for sure. This kiddo loves the outdoors so much, her first word in the morning is always “out!”.

If you want more gardening inspiration, check out this awesome guide to making your own seed balls – it’s a great way to get kids more involved with planting.

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