Valentine's Craft

Do you have a little peach you’d like to surprise this Valentine’s Day? This sweet and easy DIY from The Sweetest Occasion is a real delight. Made with strips of crepe paper and filled with whatever little treats you want to put in, they are almost as much fun to create as they are to receive.

There are all kinds of little objects you can surprise your little ones with, such as small animal figurines, nail polish, buttons, balloons, wooden fruit, small wooden or tin vehicles, marbles, tops, finger puppets, and mini decks of playing cards. You can cut your own strips from larger sheets of folded crepe paper, or simply cut crepe paper streamers in half.

Once you’ve assembled your treats and crepe paper, simply choose a larger object to start off the ball, and start wrapping it with crepe paper strips until it starts to be more rounded. Once the Prize Ball is started, add in more treats and treasures as you go, layering paper in between. Switch crepe paper colours if you want a rainbow effect, or just stick with one. Finish it off with a sticker or two or some ribbon to keep it all together, and give it to your favorite little person to gleefully unwrap.

All photos by The Sweetest Occasion. Check out the full tutorial here.

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